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Accessing & Listening to Your Intuition

This almost 3 hour recording is probably one of the most in depth conversations that I've heard about accessing and listening to your intuition. The participants asked phenomenal questions, and The Creators & the Alchemists both gave answers, which were so layered and comprehensive.  We also covered the topics of channeling and connecting with your guides.


Some of the topics discussed were: 

  • How to distinguish intuition vs my ego mind's agenda
  • Do we have more than five senses
  • Eating when she feels fear and wanting to eat intuitively rather than warring with her body
  • How can I improve my own capacity to channel wisdom?
  • How to tune in to your own individual Intuition Maps that are uniquely yours
  • And SO MANY incredible nuggets and tips on how to soften and access your internal guidance. 


This is one worth listening to over and over again for the wealth of information in it.


Like I said before, it totally rocked the Cazbah! The depth of discussion was amazing and wonderful and freeing...thank you Ina and Daniel!” Laurel S.


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Accessing Your 5D Abilities

Is your intuition getting stronger? Psychic abilities, channeling, connecting with your Guides? Are you wanting to experience more of these abilities? We all have access to a whole new set of intuitive skills, as we enter into a new dimension of accessing the broader part of who we really are. 


We are already accessing Fifth Dimensional frequencies, energies, abilities, and even technologies. So we can actually begin using Fifth Dimensional principles to create what we want to experience in the now.


Join Daniel Scranton and Ina Lukas in this workshop recording with almost three hours of content!   Daniel channels The Creators and Ina channels The Alchemists, as they both answer questions from callers on the topic of Accessing Your 5D Abilities.


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All About Relationships

The audio from our ground-breaking online event – All About Relationships – is now available for download.  Join Daniel Scranton and Ina Lukas in this workshop recording with 2 hours and 48 minutes of content!   Daniel channels The Creators and Ina channels The Alchemists, as they both answer questions from callers on the topic of relationships. So many aspects of relationships were covered, including romantic, family, and even relationships with children. It was a lot of fun and the frequencies transmitted were off the charts. Enjoy!


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Anchoring In 5D Frequencies

We hear about the 5th Dimension and the higher frequency energies, but what does it all mean? And better still, how does it affect us in our daily lives?


In this over 3 and a half hour audio recording of this online event with Daniel Scranton & The Creators and Ina Lukas & The Alchemists, so much ground was covered! In the intros, The Creators explained what the 5D frequencies are all about and how to ground them into our experience. The Alchemists walked us through a process to receive those frequencies directly.


Then in the Q&A portion of the event, there were questions on relationships, career/work, physical/bodily conditions, feeling low energy, closed heart chakra, anger and loneliness, rage and violent thoughts, and mis-creating a vacation experience, and so much more!


“Thank you SO much, Ina & Daniel!!! Amazing call. I think I need about a week to lie down and digest all of it. Love to both of you!”  - Katie Jimmerson


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Awakening Your Gifts

Are you feeling called forth more than ever before to do your work in the world and share your gifts?


Maybe you’ve been playing small and have been afraid to shine your light fully.  Maybe you’re still finding your gifts.  


Join Ina Lukas and Daniel Scranton on this four week journey (eight hours of recordings) into awakening your intuitive gifts.


Ina and Daniel both teach each 2 hour session.   They channeled their guides, The Alchemists and The Creators, to answer focused questions on this topic. Daniel teaches you how to channel, and teaches how to tone (via an amazing chakra toning experience).  The Alchemists take you through an Awakening Your Gifts Activation to assist you in more easily accessing your intuitive abities and meeting your Guides.  Ina teaches you how to go into the Theta brainwave to powerfully connect with your higher guidance and create what you want through the One Command process.  And so much more!


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Chakra Activation Series

Would you like to give your Chakra System a super boost?

This workshop series is designed to energize, activate, align and totally tune up your energy system.  Included in this recording is a series of seven Chakra Activations, starting at the Root Chakra, and taking you up to the Crown Chakra. One at a time, you will dive deep into each chakra, release and clear your specific blocks from that energy center, while having The Alchemists give you an activation specific to each chakra.

These powerful seven hours of recordings are taken from the larger Chakra Activation Cruise worskhop that Ina co-created with Adriane DeCotes. 

If you are ready to dive in deep to understand and experience the Divine Architecture of your spirit, release blocks to realizing your true potential, and create a whole new upleveled reality for yourself, this is the perfect journey to take! Cleansing, clearing, refreshing and activating.


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Collective Energetic Blow Out Party (FREE)

Are you going through some funky stuff?

Are your limiting beliefs rearing their ugly heads?

Well, my friend, you are not at all alone!

This is the recording of a powerful, powerful process The Alchemists took a group of 129 people through on a free live call.  Please give yourself plenty of space and time to do this activation process, and don't have anything planned afterwards.  It's 90 minutes long.

It will clear out your system in the most amazing, loving way.



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Coming Home To Who You Are

Are you waking up to more of who you are, and at times it’s a bit of an intense ride?

Join Ina and the Alchemists (a collective of non-physical teachers) on this five week journey designed to help you integrate the energies of the shift on our planet, to make your ride smoother and easier, and to help you truly come home to the magnificence of who you are.

This workshop is almost nine hours of recordings in six parts.  You are taken on a journey of three activation calls and three Q&A calls (alternating back and forth) that beautifully unfold and build upon each other to ease your process of awakening. 


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Creating Prosperity From Within - Live Workshop Detroit

"Creating Prosperity From Within" is the recording of the live channeling workshop in Livonia, Michigan that took place on March 26, 2017.

There is an opening Creating Prosperity Activation that is immenselfy powerful.  Followed by a Q&A session that is phenomenal.  This is a three hour recording.


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Creating Prosperity in the Fifth Dimension

Are you ready to create prosperity from a new set of rules?  


As some of you know, we are already accessing fifth dimensional frequencies, energies, abilities, and even technologies. So we can actually begin using fifth dimensional principles to create what we want to experience in the now. Prosperity is something most of us have sought/are seeking, and The Creators & The Alchemists are here to help. Join Daniel Scranton and Ina Lukas in this workshop recording with 3 hours and 15 minutes of content!


There was so much covered in this workshop. It was truly ground-breaking and fresh. 


Some of the topics covered... 

  • How do I better use the energy flowing through me to create more prosperity in my life? 
  • I'm stuck, I'm done, I'm losing hope, I'm confused and exhausted. How do I set myself free? 
  • I have to move out of my home... do I rent or buy and how do I line up with my next home? 
  • How do I best use my chakras to manifest income that's fulfilling and have money pour in instead of out? 
  • How do I create worlds? 
  • I always do better when I meditate and align, but how do I get myself to do it daily? 

And SO much more was covered by The Creators and The Alchemists, including embodiment practices and a deeper understanding of Fifth Dimensional creation technologies. 


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Emotional Mastery

How can you better guide your emotions to create the reality you desire?


This Emotional Mastery workshop takes us to a whole new playground in understanding our emotions.  Join Daniel Scranton and Ina Lukas in this workshop recording with three hours of content!   Daniel channels The Creators and Ina channels The Alchemists, as they both answer questions from callers on the topic of Emotional Mastery.  A glorious event!  So much good stuff. 


“What a fantastic, wonderful, awesome, eye-opening, informative, healing, blessing, fun and amazing event. Thank you to all involved!”  - Kristen Clark.


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Leadership From Within: Tapping Into Your Internal Power

Are you having a difficult time dealing with the Trump Administration?  How do you empower yourself as you move through these intense times?

This program is a profound, leading edge experience with The Alchemists in which they give us processes, tools and techniques to empower ourselves and others through these wild times.  
There are six hours of recordings included in this... four 90- minute workshops that include three Q&A calls and a system shifting 90 minute Empowerment Activation. 
Beyond politics themselves... this is about You empowering YOU, and bringing your shadows into the light.  Which then brings light and healing to our planet at large, because there are no more places for the "darkness" to hide.


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Leveraging the Power of the Universe

How do you create more with less effort?

Ina and the Alchemists lead you on a four part journey designed to give you the tools you need to begin using your Leveraging Superpowers.  Create your biggest and smallest desires, with less effort and more ease.

This workshop contains six hours of recordings in which the Alchemists will take you on a leading edge journey on how to be more effective in leveraging the power of the Universe.  

"The Law of Leveraging has nothing to do with figuring anything out; the Law of Leveraging has everything to do with you feeling yourself as existence itself, with you feeling yourself as the power of the universe itself, with you experiencing yourself as who you really are. You are the power of the universe. That’s who you are."


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Money, Abundance, Manifestation, & Creation

The Money, Abundance, Manifestation and Creation Playshop that I co-hosted with Daniel Scranton was truly amazing! Three hours of powerful questions and channeled answers from The Creators and The Alchemists on the topics of money and creation. The answers from the Creators and the Alchemists to each question were so deep and the transmissions were so high!



In it, you will learn how to create new avenues for money to flow, how to manifest the reality you prefer, how to create what has never been before, and how to know the abundance that you ARE.   Some questions covered included:


  • Shifting out of a stable job into doing what you love
  • Creating a current of stability and groundedness
  • How to playfully create the house of your dreams (even if it's out of your price range)
  • Having clients dry up and feeling abandoned
  • Morning practice to line you up with powerful flow and abundance
  • Letting go of victim consciousness
  • Letting go of old financial "bad" patterns with past partners
  • Releasing old lack-based energies
  • How to time block to create more time, and so much more! 

This event was truly life-altering. Definitely a leading edge conversation worth listening to over and over again.


Wow! That call was so chalk-a-block full of gold nuggets that I'm going to have to listen to the recording a few times. Thank you both for giving me lots to ponder!”  - Laural S.


“That was an amazing session! I also received more than I expected and I've come to expect a lot from Mr Scranton”  - Kevin Young


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Self Love and Prosperity

What's the biggest thing that holds people back from living the life they truly want?  Self love.  
Or more precisely, the lack of it.  Most people don't feel worthy of experiencing a deeply fulfilling life.

If you were to focus on one topic that would profoundly affect your life, this is it.  Self love is at the core of EVERYTHING you do.  

In this workshop series, Ina and the Alchemists take you on a four part journey of channeled activations designed to help you unravel, transform, and let go of lifetimes of unworthiness, so that you can experience true self love and feel your innate self worth.  This workshop contains six hours of recordings in which the Alchemists help you experience the true wealth and abundance in your life that you deserve, just for being you.


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Sex & Sexuality

Would you like to dive deeper into the topic of Sex and Sexuality from the perspective of Divine Intelligence? 


Join Daniel Scranton and Ina Lukas in this workshop recording with two and a half hours of content!   Daniel channels The Creators and Ina channels The Alchemists, as they both answer questions from callers on the topic of Sex and Sexuality.  So much was covered! The Creators and The Alchemists each brought their unique perspectives and answered questions from the attendees. The energy was super high for this one!


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Sex, Sexuality & Money

Would you like to amp up your libido for life? 

Are you ready to release your blocks around money, sex, and relationships?  

Are you craving… More intimacy and depth in your relationships?  More money in your bank account?  More of your desires fulfilled throughout your life?

Join Ina and the Alchemists (a collective of non-physical teachers) in this three part channeled workshop designed to open us up to a deeper understanding of our own relationship to sex, money and desire.  In this 4.5 hour workshop recording, the Alchemists take us on a powerful journey into understanding how to receive our desires.  They give us tips, tools, and activations to get the chi flowing in our root and sacral chakras, opening us up to deeper abundance and so much more!


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Sex, Sexuality & Relationships

Would you like to listen to a conversation with Divine Intelligence on the topic of sex and sexuality?

Join Ina and the Alchemists on a three part journey designed to open us up to a much broader perspective and understanding of our own relationship to sex and sexuality.  The 4.5 hour recording of this leading edge workshop covered the topics of orgasm, conscious conception, polyamory, body image, shame and guilt around being gay, your relationship to your desires, and so much more, including physical processes to go deeper in intimacy.

"Sex is one of the most Divine acts that you can partake in. It is one of the most profound ways to experience the most magnificent part of who you are, because when you are engaging in the act of making love with another human being that you are connected with on a very deep, heart level, you are accessing the love that you are; you are tapping in to your divinity." - The Alchemists


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The Magic of Conscious Creation

The Alchemists and The Creators take on the topic of this playing field of Conscious Creation, where the rules are changing, and life is becoming so much more fun. Perhaps you’ve noticed that things are manifesting more quickly than ever and you want to hone your skills. And if you haven’t, well then, this really is the seminar for you! 


Join Daniel Scranton and Ina Lukas in this workshop recording with over three hours of content!   Daniel channels The Creators and Ina channels The Alchemists, as they both answered many questions on a variety of topics and offered solid, practical advice for creating the reality that you prefer. Also, receive the energy transmissions coming through Ina and Daniel while you listen to this epic audio! Enjoy!


“Talk about magic! This webinar was off the charts amazing, informative, and absolute fun! I learned (remembered) so much! The time just flew by and every question and its associated answer was so profound! Thank you, thank you to all the wonderful beings (non-physical and human) involved.”  - Kristen Clark


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