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How do you create more with less effort?

Ina and the Alchemists lead you on a four part journey designed to give you the tools you need to begin using your Leveraging Superpowers.  Create your biggest and smallest desires, with less effort and more ease.

This workshop contains six hours of recordings in which the Alchemists will take you on a leading edge journey on how to be more effective in leveraging the power of the Universe.  

"The Law of Leveraging has nothing to do with figuring anything out; the Law of Leveraging has everything to do with you feeling yourself as existence itself, with you feeling yourself as the power of the universe itself, with you experiencing yourself as who you really are. You are the power of the universe. That’s who you are."


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"In this new realm of the Law of Leveraging, it really is about the more that you let go and relax into the truth of who you are, the more the truth of who you are unfolds in front of you and calls in the manifestations that you’ve been asking for."  - The Alchemists

Week One, Aug. 5, 2015 (91 minutes):

* The Alchemists’ Opening Monologue (You have chosen to be here now; you are the activators)
Hot Seat Questions...
Understands Law of Attraction, wants to understand Law of Leveraging. How does leveraging step up the game? 
* Feels the releasing of density; wants to go deeper into who we really are.
Wants to respectfully communicate & collaborate with his Universal “Team."
* How can we prepare for “SuperBowl Ascension Sunday”?
* The Alchemists Closing Monologue (Allow emotions to melt into you)


"You ARE the consciousness of the Universe itself. So you can't help but be affecting and expanding the Universe itself at all times. And to think that you're not is cutting yourself off from who you really are. That's the piece we want to give you there. It's all about owning and waking up to - YOU ARE the power itself. You are the outlet, you are the energy that's coming through the outlet. That's really who you are."


Week Two, Aug. 12, 2015 (95 minutes):

* The Alchemists’ Opening Monologue (Powerlessness is an illusion. Old systems falling away)
Hot Seat Questions...
* He has been shifting for 2 years; he wants to change careers to something he loves doing.  Wants to let go of limiting ideas about money coming in.  How can he make it easier to let go and make changes?
* Transitioning careers; looking for a morning routine to help him make choices.
* She has an action-oreinted coach, but she feels reluctant to take action.

Her business exposes her to many people.  She attracted someone who made her uncomfortable. She feels powerless and would like to know how to deal with it
* The Alchemists’ Closing Monologue (
You are Divinely supported. Moving into a new state of flow and awakening)


"You beauties are all part of this clearing of that old way of being; you are clearing out the feeling, the energy of prostitution, you are clearing out the energy of having to give something that you don’t want to give in order to be able to survive. And so we want you to go a bit aerial here and feel the power of all of you being the clearing for this; all of you shifting that energy as you are moving forward in a time of this whole unveiling of the broader magnificence of who you are, and moving into a time when all of these contracts are being broken and released of so many of you having your hands tied behind you back in some way, as you are waking up to these amazing super powers that you have."


Week Three, Aug. 19, 2015 (96 minutes):

* The Alchemists’ Opening Monologue (Taking ownership of the power that you are)
Hot Seat Questions...
Can the Alchemists expand on what life will be like after the first wave of ascension?
* Enjoying the moment and being in the zone; how do we find that feeling, and maintain it?
* How can I best leverage the Universe to access my highest vibration in attracting our next wonderfully beautiful living and loving space?
* How can I leverage messages, signs from the Universe?
* He is trying to understand the idea that we are the God energy.  He doesn’t feel that humans can have such power.
* The Alchemists’ Closing Monologue (Things are becoming easier)


"Your guides are giving you messages at all times, and the more that you play with those messages and interact with them and enjoy them, the more you’re going to be receiving more and more and more of them."


Week Four, Aug. 26, 2015 (86 minutes):

* The Alchemists’ Opening Monologue (When you keep yourself from your higher calling because of finances, you are living from unworthiness. Following your inspiration causes expansion for everyone.  Allow the awakening to happen, allow the Universe to take care of you.)
Hot Seat Questions...
* Experienced vertigo; didn’t realize it was tied to the energy shift. Also would like the Alchemists to expand on the concept of being deliberate without effort.
* He has questions about NYK treatment
certification and whether he should take action or wait a year.
She is in a cocoon phase; she feels bored with work. Wondering if she should tap into her Guides to bring more excitement.
* Feeling stuck between enjoying her free time or moving forward with some classes.

* The Alchemists’ Closing Monologue (The true power of who you are: Creation is play)


"We cannot express the magnitude of the tools you have available to you, which is what the leveraging is all about.  There are these massive resources there that you shut yourself off to when you stay in your head and you stay in your small bank account and you stay in your limited way of thinking. Your staying small is not serving anyone."

"So we want you all to hear this - not with your minds, but really with your hearts and with your beings - that you are all so worthy of bliss. You are all so worthy of the exact abundance that you want to experience in your life. You are all so worthy of plucking the fruits of the universe.You are all so worthy of enjoying the fruits of your experience. You are all so worthy, no matter what you do. No matter what you do. And it is not in the doing that you will receive these gifts from the universe;  it is in the letting go of feeling and seeing yourselves as unworthy."


For more information on Ina & The Alchemists, go to www.InaLukas.com.