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Would you like to listen to a conversation with Divine Intelligence on the topic of sex and sexuality?

Join Ina and the Alchemists on a three part journey designed to open us up to a much broader perspective and understanding of our own relationship to sex and sexuality.  The 4.5 hour recording of this leading edge workshop covered the topics of orgasm, conscious conception, polyamory, body image, shame and guilt around being gay, your relationship to your desires, and so much more, including physical processes to go deeper in intimacy.

"Sex is one of the most Divine acts that you can partake in. It is one of the most profound ways to experience the most magnificent part of who you are, because when you are engaging in the act of making love with another human being that you are connected with on a very deep, heart level, you are accessing the love that you are; you are tapping in to your divinity." - The Alchemists


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"What we want all of you to know is that all of you have the potential to have the most mind-blowing, intergalactic, spiritual experiences with lovemaking, and partnering in that way, and we do want to assist all of you in this process, wherever you are on the scale, going deeper and deeper and deeper, and experiencing more and more and more of who you are through your sexual being." - The Alchemists


Week One, Nov. 20, 2015 (95 minutes):

The Alchemists’ Opening Monologue (Sex is one of the most divine acts.  Because of societal conditioning, you feel guilt & shame when turned on. You do the same with impulses and desires in other areas of life; your thoughts become flooded with unworthiness and lack.)
Hot Seat Questions...

* Feels like she is a part of bringing in this part of sexual consciousness into this higher state; Is it important to take part in more structured sexual energy practices, or just exploring her own awakening?
* She is looking forward to a relationship; all former relationships have been short term. She would like a long term relationship; she wants to keep sexual attraction going.
* Is in a loving relationship; knows it can be more passionate and free and would like to know what might be in the way.
* Question about conceiving a baby; intentions.
* Had a lover 15 years ago with a powerful sexual connection but the rest of the relationship didn’t work. She still feels connected to him and hasn’t had that sexual experience since; is he a soul mate?
* She has body consciousness issues; looking for guidance to get beyond it.
* She would like to increase her desire for sex.
* The Alchemists’ Closing Monologue (Awakening the male body, releasing shame, cupping the male genitals- a physical process for men of love and forgiveness)


"A baby could not be more Divinely timed. There is no such thing as an ill-timed baby. The point of conception is one of the most powerfully created, orchestrated pieces of life; your entry into the world."


Week Two, Nov. 27, 2015 (91 minutes):

The Alchemists’ Opening Monologue (How you relate to sex and sexuality and having desires is in direct relationship to how you allow yourself to experience your desires in life outside of the bedroom.)
Hot Seat Questions...
She and her former lover had both had sexual trauma; communication was difficult and she would like to know better ways to open up & encourage healing.
* An astrology reader asked her if she remembered being sexually abused; she has no memory of a male sexually abusing her. She wants the Alchemists to tell her more about it.
* She and her partner have control issues regarding sex; he has a pattern of withholding love. She has insecurities, but when they are intimate, it is spectacular. She would like some insight to help move them along
* She is feeling some fears around the idea of having a child; would like some clarity and guidance.
* Question about orgasms: She thinks about desires right before orgasms.
* Deep issues with shame and guilt around being gay; therapy has had mixed results.

She wants a 5D way to feel better about her body.
* S
he feels she is at her heaviest, and feels pressured to love her body because she is a fitness trainer. She wants to be back down to a comfortable size.
The Alchemists’ Closing Monologue (The work you are doing is not only assisting yourself, but is assisting others.)


"When you have a desire that lights you up, you get an energetic hard-on, an energetic erection. And when you block yourself from having it with whatever excuses - money, blah blah blah, worthiness, all of those come up - then the erection goes away, and you stop yourself from having the orgasm of the creation of the desire."

"You, sweet one, have chosen this beautiful body that you came into, and you came in to be able to love this beautiful body that you are in, and when you leave this body, you’re going to look back and wonder why you ever shamed such a beautiful, human creation."


Week Three, Dec. 4, 2015 (86 minutes):

The Alchemists’ Opening Monologue (Opening up your heart, peeling back layers of protection. Experiencing greater intimacy in relationships with an open heart.)
Hot Seat Questions...
Monogamy; She feels triggers around the subject; do men have a different sexual appetite? Are men not hardwired for monogamy? Is it fair to expect monogamy? 
The anticipation of her next relationship; she wants to explore spiritual sexuality. Does she have any blocks that might inhibit that experience?
* Kundalini energy; His partner wants to go deeper with the energy of sacred sexuality. They both experience physical contractions of the whole body independent of orgasm; what is the next step? How to experience whole body orgasms?
* Looking deep into the eyes; her right eye tends to wander, she can’t look right into someone’s eyes. She feels self conscious and would like advice.
* Felt very moved by the Alchemists’ answer to his question last week. He had a 12 year relationship where the sex got better every year; it involved some S&M and became consuming. He still thinks about it, but he judges it as unhealthy. He wants a healthy way to think of himself and sex.
The Alchemists’ Closing Monologue (Part of the planetary energy shift is sexual freedom. Freeing from the bondage of guilt & shame & unworthiness. Feel the shackles being removed.)


"So many men have simultaneous attraction - unstoppable attraction - to women, and simultaneous anger towards women, because of whatever mothering stuff comes up for them, and it’s such an interesting dynamic, because while there’s an attraction there’s also anger, and some of that anger can be projected at you, the one that he is closest to, and the one that he experiences the most intimacy with."


"You can’t have spiritual sex without getting completely intimate and completely vulnerable, and by its nature it brings stuff up, because it is spiritual sex. It is two spirits coming together, and when two spirits come together in that level of intensity and intimacy, by design, it’s gonna burn shit up, it’s gonna bring stuff up to the surface."


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