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Would you like to amp up your libido for life? 

Are you ready to release your blocks around money, sex, and relationships?  

Are you craving… More intimacy and depth in your relationships?  More money in your bank account?  More of your desires fulfilled throughout your life?

Join Ina and the Alchemists (a collective of non-physical teachers) in this three part channeled workshop designed to open us up to a deeper understanding of our own relationship to sex, money and desire.  In this 4.5 hour workshop recording, the Alchemists take us on a powerful journey into understanding how to receive our desires.  They give us tips, tools, and activations to get the chi flowing in our root and sacral chakras, opening us up to deeper abundance and so much more!


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Sex, Sexuality & Money:  A Three Part Workshop with Ina & The Alchemists

“It seems crazy, but we can tell you, all the answers that you need about where you have been blocked in life, and where you’ve been pinching yourself off can actually come to you through your sexual region. So no matter what age you are, this communication and awareness and connection to your genitals, to your pelvic region, to your sexuality – so much of your survival mode and who you’ve been being in your life is bound up in there, in ways you have no idea until you start exploring and massaging and touching.” - The Alchemists

Week One - April 1, 2016

  • The Alchemists’ Opening Monologue (Sexual energy is the energy of creation. Your entire body is a pleasure sensor. Breathing and feeling into the emotions in your pelvis & genitals. So much history is stored in this area.)

Hot Seat Questions…

  • Was not in a relationship for a long time; when she did get into one, she felt intense discomfort in her vagina (she is 60). What is the energetic reason behind it, how to rejuvenate the tissues.
  • How does this tie in with our income? She feels sexiest when money flows.
  • She had an experience in a relationship that was dysfunctional but had a very strong sexual connection. How could that part work, but not the rest?
  • When she was married, they had horrible finances. Now she is in an amazing relationship, but still feels the weight of the debt. How can she disconnect or shift the energy from that situation?
  • Alchemists Closing Monologue (The new awareness of yourself as a sexual, abundant being.  Developing an awareness of your body.  Be gentle with your bodies, they want to communicate.  Plus, some very fun homework.)

“Your body is just a vessel of love, that is containing the unconditional love that you are. It’s a container for your love, and it just wants to be loved. It wants to be loved by you. It wants you to feel how worthy you are of receiving pleasure in life.”


Week Two - April 15, 2016

  • The Alchemists’ Opening Monologue (You can unleash so much more life force energy. Turn up the volume button on your life force energy every day. You are the master controller of your reality. Breathe into the stagnant areas of your life, turn it up a notch.)

Hot Seat Questions...

  • She believes she has to work hard and sacrifice, and feels bored. She feels excitement around new business, is aware of how locked down she’s been. 
  • The sexual and financial energies originate in the same chakra. How can someone who is strong in creativity or financial areas balance the energy?
  • The belief that only so many people can make money from creativity?
  • She wants to know more about getting creative sexually.
  • He doesn’t orgasm after ejaculating, wondering what it means.
  • The Alchemists’ Closing Monologue (Orgasms in your back account.  Feel life force energy moving through your money)

“It is ALL creative energy; money is creative energy. Money actually IS creative energy. And the creatives don’t realize it, but they have some of the biggest ability out there to create money, because money is just creative energy. But there has been a delineation, in money equaling worthiness, or money being the opposite of creativity. There are deep beliefs that if you are a creative person, you can’t make money being creative.”


Week Three - April 22, 2016

  • The Alchemists’ Opening Monologue (Sexuality in our music and culture inspired by Prince's recent transition.  The importance of Breath as a practice in Awakening.)

Hot Seat Questions...

  • Talk more about “Spaciousness in your bank account”.
  • She wants deeper awareness of the energy connection between the heart, money & sexuality.
  • Deeply powerful meditation/visualization to connect your heart with sexuality (and money); healing wounds in the heart, opening chakras.
  • Weight, appearance and sexuality; loving the inside of me when the outside isn’t perfect
  • She has explosive orgasms through oral sex, not through penetration. She wants to have a vaginal orgasm.
  • I chose this body, apologizing to your body, loving your body
  • The Alchemists’ Closing Monologue


“We encourage you to breathe more spaciousness into yourselves, into your bodies. It creates room for more. It creates room for more creativity, it creates room for more things to flow. Just being in an open state; in an open, receptive state, In the same way, sexually, when you are able to open up and relax during sex, versus being tight. So many of you are clenching your muscles, tightening your legs, women are told to tighten their pelvic muscles – and there so much more that’s available to you when you relax your bodies when you make love.”

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