Coming Home To Who You Are SKU: 142388

Are you waking up to more of who you are, and at times it’s a bit of an intense ride?

Join Ina and the Alchemists (a collective of non-physical teachers) on this five week journey designed to help you integrate the energies of the shift on our planet, to make your ride smoother and easier, and to help you truly come home to the magnificence of who you are.

This workshop is almost nine hours of recordings in six parts.  You are taken on a journey of three activation calls and three Q&A calls (alternating back and forth) that beautifully unfold and build upon each other to ease your process of awakening. 


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Are you ready to give yourself the gift of a more integrated, smoother ride as you come into your superpowers?


There's no need to be riding this roller coaster alone.  We're all in this together, my friend!


What did some of the particpants have to say?

"I've had the biggest shift of my life this past week of dropping into my worthiness, anchoring into my gifts, and really getting why I am here... and fully owning it. And that was just from our first call! "  
- Preet K.


"Omg. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!  Buckets of tears …  whatever just went down was epic! Totally an answer to prayer.   God, I needed this.  Can’t thank you enough.  Thank you sooooooo much!” - Anne H.



“It REALLY is worth it…said the girl who is walking around bumping into walls after that call! 🙂 Come for the activation…stay for the holy guacamole!”  - Carrie K.