Anchoring In 5D Frequencies SKU: 142464

We hear about the 5th Dimension and the higher frequency energies, but what does it all mean? And better still, how does it affect us in our daily lives?


In this over 3 and a half hour audio recording of this online event with Daniel Scranton & The Creators and Ina Lukas & The Alchemists, so much ground was covered! In the intros, The Creators explained what the 5D frequencies are all about and how to ground them into our experience. The Alchemists walked us through a process to receive those frequencies directly.


Then in the Q&A portion of the event, there were questions on relationships, career/work, physical/bodily conditions, feeling low energy, closed heart chakra, anger and loneliness, rage and violent thoughts, and mis-creating a vacation experience, and so much more!


“Thank you SO much, Ina & Daniel!!! Amazing call. I think I need about a week to lie down and digest all of it. Love to both of you!”  - Katie Jimmerson


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