Creating Prosperity in the Fifth Dimension SKU: 142465

Are you ready to create prosperity from a new set of rules?  


As some of you know, we are already accessing fifth dimensional frequencies, energies, abilities, and even technologies. So we can actually begin using fifth dimensional principles to create what we want to experience in the now. Prosperity is something most of us have sought/are seeking, and The Creators & The Alchemists are here to help. Join Daniel Scranton and Ina Lukas in this workshop recording with 3 hours and 15 minutes of content!


There was so much covered in this workshop. It was truly ground-breaking and fresh. 


Some of the topics covered... 

  • How do I better use the energy flowing through me to create more prosperity in my life? 
  • I'm stuck, I'm done, I'm losing hope, I'm confused and exhausted. How do I set myself free? 
  • I have to move out of my home... do I rent or buy and how do I line up with my next home? 
  • How do I best use my chakras to manifest income that's fulfilling and have money pour in instead of out? 
  • How do I create worlds? 
  • I always do better when I meditate and align, but how do I get myself to do it daily? 

And SO much more was covered by The Creators and The Alchemists, including embodiment practices and a deeper understanding of Fifth Dimensional creation technologies. 


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