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The Money, Abundance, Manifestation and Creation Playshop that I co-hosted with Daniel Scranton was truly amazing! Three hours of powerful questions and channeled answers from The Creators and The Alchemists on the topics of money and creation. The answers from the Creators and the Alchemists to each question were so deep and the transmissions were so high!



In it, you will learn how to create new avenues for money to flow, how to manifest the reality you prefer, how to create what has never been before, and how to know the abundance that you ARE.   Some questions covered included:


  • Shifting out of a stable job into doing what you love
  • Creating a current of stability and groundedness
  • How to playfully create the house of your dreams (even if it's out of your price range)
  • Having clients dry up and feeling abandoned
  • Morning practice to line you up with powerful flow and abundance
  • Letting go of victim consciousness
  • Letting go of old financial "bad" patterns with past partners
  • Releasing old lack-based energies
  • How to time block to create more time, and so much more! 

This event was truly life-altering. Definitely a leading edge conversation worth listening to over and over again.


Wow! That call was so chalk-a-block full of gold nuggets that I'm going to have to listen to the recording a few times. Thank you both for giving me lots to ponder!”  - Laural S.


“That was an amazing session! I also received more than I expected and I've come to expect a lot from Mr Scranton”  - Kevin Young


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