Accessing & Listening to Your Intuition SKU: 142471

This almost 3 hour recording is probably one of the most in depth conversations that I've heard about accessing and listening to your intuition. The participants asked phenomenal questions, and The Creators & the Alchemists both gave answers, which were so layered and comprehensive.  We also covered the topics of channeling and connecting with your guides.


Some of the topics discussed were: 

  • How to distinguish intuition vs my ego mind's agenda
  • Do we have more than five senses
  • Eating when she feels fear and wanting to eat intuitively rather than warring with her body
  • How can I improve my own capacity to channel wisdom?
  • How to tune in to your own individual Intuition Maps that are uniquely yours
  • And SO MANY incredible nuggets and tips on how to soften and access your internal guidance. 


This is one worth listening to over and over again for the wealth of information in it.


Like I said before, it totally rocked the Cazbah! The depth of discussion was amazing and wonderful and freeing...thank you Ina and Daniel!” Laurel S.


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