The Magic of Conscious Creation SKU: 142473

The Alchemists and The Creators take on the topic of this playing field of Conscious Creation, where the rules are changing, and life is becoming so much more fun. Perhaps you’ve noticed that things are manifesting more quickly than ever and you want to hone your skills. And if you haven’t, well then, this really is the seminar for you! 


Join Daniel Scranton and Ina Lukas in this workshop recording with over three hours of content!   Daniel channels The Creators and Ina channels The Alchemists, as they both answered many questions on a variety of topics and offered solid, practical advice for creating the reality that you prefer. Also, receive the energy transmissions coming through Ina and Daniel while you listen to this epic audio! Enjoy!


“Talk about magic! This webinar was off the charts amazing, informative, and absolute fun! I learned (remembered) so much! The time just flew by and every question and its associated answer was so profound! Thank you, thank you to all the wonderful beings (non-physical and human) involved.”  - Kristen Clark


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