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How can you better guide your emotions to create the reality you desire?


This Emotional Mastery workshop takes us to a whole new playground in understanding our emotions.  Join Daniel Scranton and Ina Lukas in this workshop recording with three hours of content!   Daniel channels The Creators and Ina channels The Alchemists, as they both answer questions from callers on the topic of Emotional Mastery.  A glorious event!  So much good stuff. 


“What a fantastic, wonderful, awesome, eye-opening, informative, healing, blessing, fun and amazing event. Thank you to all involved!”  - Kristen Clark.


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New tools are given, like the process of having an emotion experience you. 


Some questions from participants included: 

  • What are my biggest opportunities for experiencing my emotions more fully in my current intimate relationship?
  • How do I release fear from my root chakra?


  • How do I release emotions from childhood and recognize them now?


  • How do I ride the energy rollercoaster that so many of us are feeling in these transitional times? 


  • And so much more!


Amazing channeled answers from the Creators and the Alchemists.