Chakra Activation Series SKU: 142937

Would you like to give your Chakra System a super boost?

This workshop series is designed to energize, activate, align and totally tune up your energy system.  Included in this recording is a series of seven Chakra Activations, starting at the Root Chakra, and taking you up to the Crown Chakra. One at a time, you will dive deep into each chakra, release and clear your specific blocks from that energy center, while having The Alchemists give you an activation specific to each chakra.

These powerful seven hours of recordings are taken from the larger Chakra Activation Cruise worskhop that Ina co-created with Adriane DeCotes. 

If you are ready to dive in deep to understand and experience the Divine Architecture of your spirit, release blocks to realizing your true potential, and create a whole new upleveled reality for yourself, this is the perfect journey to take! Cleansing, clearing, refreshing and activating.


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