Leadership From Within: Tapping Into Your Internal Power SKU: 149192

Are you having a difficult time dealing with the Trump Administration?  How do you empower yourself as you move through these intense times?

This program is a profound, leading edge experience with The Alchemists in which they give us processes, tools and techniques to empower ourselves and others through these wild times.  
There are six hours of recordings included in this... four 90- minute workshops that include three Q&A calls and a system shifting 90 minute Empowerment Activation. 
Beyond politics themselves... this is about You empowering YOU, and bringing your shadows into the light.  Which then brings light and healing to our planet at large, because there are no more places for the "darkness" to hide.


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Is the political three ring circus that's happening in the U.S. getting to you?

How do you navigate these unchartered waters while staying empowered?

Everyone is having there own unique experience with what's happening in our world right now.

  • Anger, stress, anxiety and fear are at an all time high
  • Some of us are being called to rise up and take action like never before
  • Many of us are doing our deep inner emotional work
  • Some of us are launching out, stepping into our power, and bringing our gifts into the world
  • Many of us are choosing to look to love and light and anchor that in
  • Some of us are in a deep place of pain and depression, and are really not wanting to be on this planet anymore
  • Many of us are overwhelmed by social media and turning away from it
  • Many of us are trying to be loving, but can't help but feel anger, fear, sadness, etc. with every news report

This is not an environment we've had to navigate before.  It's an intense time.

But while Trump looks like he's running the show, he's not.  We are.  We are the ones standing in our own power.

What's happening in our external world is helping us see the internal places that need change.  This is an inside job.  Trump is giving us the biggest gift of an exaggerated environment in which we have almost no choice but to do our shadow work.  Of seeing the parts of us that we have rejected and not loved.  Of finding the Trump within ourselves... the racism, the homophobia, the  misogyny, the fear of outsiders, the divisions between "us" and "them."

He's showing us an amazing example of what total lack of self love looks like.  The void within him is so big that no towers, money, or fame can fill it.  

So where are we not loving ourselves?  Where are we trying to fill ourselves up from the outside instead of from within?

There's nowhere for our deeper, "darker" emotions to hide right now, because they're all being brought to the surface.​

Our political environment is just a catalyst for the bigger collective shift on our planet right now as we are on a much larger trajectory to higher frequencies of love, compassion, unity consciousness, and connection.

Let's use the gift of this administration as the fuel within us to rise up, to feel the groundswell of new energy coming into us and our planet, as we are releasing victim consciousness on a massive level, and stepping into our power.

Join Ina and the Alchemists (a collective of non-physical teachers) on this recorded four week journey of channeled activations, Q&A calls, and community support designed to help you navigate these intense times, while finding your own place of personal power. 

What's the intention of this workshop?

  • ​To assist you in relaxing your nervous system and releasing any collective fear, anxiety, worry, grief, etc.
  • To come together with a supportive tribe of like-minded people focused on empowerment
  • To bring our shadows into the light, and love the parts of ourselves that are ready to be accepted and seen
  • To get clarity on your path ahead, while feeling release and relief
  • To step into our power and transform what's holding us back
  • To allow The Alchemists to answer questions and help you gain clarity on the bigger picture of what's really happening (all the goodness behind this).
  • To have a whole lot of fun together in the process!

​Are you ready to amp up your power in the midst of these wild times?

Are you ready to dump the Trump energy from your system?

Here's what one participant had to say after the second call...

"Through the process of this course, my experience of these times and what’s going on politically in the US has just altered so dramatically…  I find myself no longer completely stressed out.  I find myself really settled in my heart and coming from a loving place.  It’s been life altering.  This is not where I was two weeks ago.  And I’m just so grateful.  I find myself not being drawn to the television or to social media in the same way.  It’s almost like Trump seems different to me now…  It’s quite extraordinary.  

My experience of myself has altered dramatically.  Like the heading of this course, “Leadership from Within," I’m experiencing myself as a leader, or someone with leadership skills who’s showing up leading, or as a leader in her life and being acknowledged as such.  Which is a dramatic shift over what seems like a short period of time. What you’ve spoken about, the opportunity that this administration is for stuff to come up to be healed, I’d just like to really acknowledge that.  A couple weeks ago I was railing on Washington and what was going on, and now I just find gratitude for it and I look into the world and I see opportunities for people that I care about available to them.  And I’m working with people in support of that.  It’s just an extraordinary time and I’d like to thank Ina and the Alchemists again for this opportunity for us to be using this time to work through that."


-Gaile Burchill


This workshop recording is well worth it!